About Us

DAIKIN mold is a China based toolmaker specializing in the manufacture of molds, mold parts and components for the automotive, home appliances, 3C consumer electronics and medical industries. Our core strengths are the design and manufacture of molds, plastic and metal components as well as injection molding, stamping, die-casting.
DAIKIN's history dates back to 2006 where a prototype of the company was founded. 
With our solid base of experience and extensive tooling network we can guarantee that all projects are finished on time while living up to all your stringent requirements. Our on-the-ground-presence and support means that you have constant control of your tooling project and you will have no need for costly crisis management, simply because we will prevent any crisis from happening. This will drastically reduce project management costs so you can retain your efficiency and focus on developing your core strengths and competitive advantages.
The outsourcing of tooling and manufacturing projects to vendors in China can be a significant test for a Western toolmaker, many western toolmakers and into the hands of Chinese companies which offer good workmanship at attractive prices.
 It is our clear aim to provide a comprehensive service which includes all aspect of tool making project management.
DAIKIN provide you with a total tooling solution in China。
Our mission is to be your best parter.